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HydraFacial in Nepal

Why is HydraFacial becoming so popular in Nepal?

What most of us think is that no matter how much skin care we do, no matter how expensive skin products or serums we use, we find that there is no significant change in the skin. And no matter how much skincare we do, the skin still looks dull and puffy. And most of the times, we are  afraid to do procedures such as laser resurfacing, microneedling, chemical peel etc. That’s where the HydraFacial treatment comes in. It’s not as scary as other procedures and delivers instant results which makes it very popular.

What are the benefits of HydraFacial?

There are 3 main things that HydraFacial does. The first of which is it removes the dead cells in the topmost layer of our skin which we call exfoliation. That’s why we call this treatment Hydradermabrasion. And due to this effect, the dead cells of our skin are removed and the skin looks glowing and healthy. And we consider this effect as the immediate effect of HydraFacial.

Similarly, another function is that it removes dirt, black heads, sebum or oil from our skin to make the skin look clean and healthy. And this effect is also its immediate effect. Similarly, another effect is – through it, we can put the serums needed by the skin into the skin, which also helps to adjust the wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin tone on the skin. And this effect is the late effect of HydraFacial. Similarly, a recent study has shown another benefit of HydraFacial and that benefit is that it can also reduce acne. And when we summarize all these benefits, it is said that HydraFacial has 3 functions – cleaning, exfoliating and infusing. 

Are there any adverse effects?

No known adverse effects. However, if not done properly or if done by poorly trained personnel, the benefits may not be seen. Similarly, the settings and serums need to be properly adjusted according to the skin types.

Should it be continued indefinitely?

Not necessary. However, to see maximum benefits, we recommend that you do it once a month at the beginning phase. Later, it can be done once every 2 months depending upon the response.

Why is the Reva Skin and Hair Clinic the best place to do your HydraFacial treatment?

At Reva Skin and Hair Clinic, Hydrafacial is performed by trained and experienced staffs who know the best serums and settings for your skin type. The polite and friendly nature of the staffs will surely make your treatment one of the most pleasant experiences. Plus, the hydrafacial machine used meets the international quality standards.

What is the price/cost of HydraFacial in Nepal?

The price range varies greatly and may range from NRs 2000 – 8000 per session. This mostly depends upon the machine used and the experience of the operator/staff.

For further queries and pricing details of the HydraFacial treatment at Reva Skin and Hair Clinic, please Contact 9808751945 or 9749717175.