Dr. Prakash Acharya, MD

Reva Skin & Hair Clinic
Khusibu 16, Kathmandu 

9808751945 / 9749717175
Opening Hours: 10 am – 6 pm

Best Skin Doctor in Nepal


Dr. Prakash Acharya is one of the best dermatologists available in Kathmandu, Nepal for the treatment of skin conditions such as acne (pimple), melasma, skin allergies, pigmentation, scars, wrinkles and hair loss/fall.

Acne Treatment

Get the best treatment including medications, home care and procedural treatment with the friendly and compassionate Dr. Prakash Acharya. The most advanced treatment to control new breakouts and stop the existing ones! Plus manage your scars most efficiently.

Melasma / Chaya Poto (छायाँ पोतो)

Melasma or chaya poto can be managed effectively with the use of proper medications. The treatment is one of the most affordable among available options!